Hey! My name is Michelle Rivera and I am insanely passionate about learning as much as possible about network marketing and money mindset.

First, let me tell you what network marketing is (just in case you haven’t heard). There are thousands of network marketing companies but the idea is simple… share products or services with people and earn commission. Build a team and help them share products and build their own team, and earn even more.

Now, let me share what money mindset is. First, let me define abundance: the ability to have what you need when you need to have it. It’s that simple. Oftentimes, this can come in the form of money. But, in order to have this money we must first be able to want it, ask for it and then let it arrive!

If I haven’t lost you, awesome. We might just be soulmates.

If I have, that’s ok.

As my mom likes to say, “here’s the thing…”

The Thing

Network marketing is not new but there’s a whole new generation of people who see the opportunity in being responsible for their income. We’re a generation of connection instead of sales. We long for significance and adding value to other’s lives. We want our cake (money) and we want eat the shit out of it too (helping others).

Robert Laura of Forbes.com reported: I believe that the entire industry (network marketing) is poised for explosive growth and can be one of the most significant solutions to America’s current retirement savings crisis.

There is zero doubt that if you’re able to overcome your cultural conditioning (get a job, life is pain etc) that network marketing is a fantastic, affordable option for anyone looking to get ahead and even ditch the 9 to 5 completely. But why can’t everyone do it? Why is Network Marketing often touted as “impossible” or “a scam”?

It’s simple… our mindset’s about money and work need to shift.

I’m hear to learn and teach other’s how to shift those mindsets and become wildly successful in their lives.

Here’s what most people don’t get about Network Marketing…

Your success is going to depend 100% on your mindset. 

If you don’t believe you CAN succeed.

If you believe that work CAN only be hard and draining.

If you can’t get past the fact that if you’re not trading you time for dollars, than you’re bad or wrong…

Than you’ll always prove yourself right, and continue to struggle.

I’m Michelle Rivera and I talk about Network Marketing Money Mindset.

I grew up like most people… watching my parent’s struggle with money and letting myself in the door after school. My parents worked long and they worked hard and I didn’t see them until around 7pm every single day.

What was the message? If you want to have enough to get by, you need to sacrifice your family, your health and your time…

The is just one of the beliefs I’ve carried around about jobs, work and money.

And you bet your butt it’s influenced my life.

I’ve been entrepreneurial from the start, starting lemonade stands in the summer and car washes in our driveway in the Spring. I worked in the snack bar at my brother’s little league selling candy I’d purchased from wholesale box stores. I’ve sold paintings, drawings, organizing services, makeup services, brow waxing (I’m really good actually) and everything in between. I hated school and just wanted to read books an draw ideas on my desk. When I graduated from high school I tried a semester of city college and dropped out because I could not see the importance of memorizing formal sentence structures.

The first time network marketing fell into my lap in 2013, I could not get passed my beliefs and doubts and became a wholesale rep where I just enjoyed my discount but wouldn’t dare tell anyone about the products or the business opportunity. I was WAY too tied up in my ego and what other people thought to have a go at it. Like everything else in life, there was a reason I didn’t go for it. I still had a lot of growing to do and didn’t truly see the opportunity.

I’m currently with a fabulous company with a compensation plan and products I can get 100% behind. I’ve dedicated my life to learning as much as possible about the business of network marketing, personal development and money mindset. This blog is where I share all of it with you!

Michelle lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her sexy, nerdy husband (Jeremy) their adorable little girl (Noelle) 2 cats and a hound dog, with baby #2 due September of 2018. She takes time every morning to meditate, journal and get into alignment with her highest vibration. Michelle enjoys yoga, knitting and hiking around the beautiful parks of Tennessee. Her and her husband are originally from Southern California.

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