I Hired My First Coach

Guys, I hired my very first coach. This a huge deal for me. I have consistently been avoiding asking for help for a very, very long time. I go to Home Depot and walk miles to find things, instead of asking for help, because I’m that stubborn about it. I got in my head a long time ago that people are generally extremely dissapointing and have no idea what they’re talking about.

EGO. Ego, y’all. Huge.

So when the online coaching business began to take off, I rolled my eyes like most people. I even took an NPR segment to heart where they were debating the online coaching industry and whether or not it should actually be taken seriously. Even me! I’ve been doing tarot reading and astrology charts for people since high school and I totally thought the coaching business was stupid.

Can I just say “upper limiting myself much”?

It’s so funny how those prejudices can show up. How those old ways of thinking can sneak up on me, even when I thought I’d dissolved them a long ass time ago.

So, here I am. I have a coach and she specializes in money manifesting mindset. She talks about angels, the law of attraction and getting out of my own way in order to actually believe I deserve the life I want. Being woo as fuck (and I really am). She’s a fantastic fit for me. Also, a Gemini, so we never run out of things to talk about.

I’ll be updating on this more but guys, I’m investing in myself! I’m taking the leap, I’m jumping in and there’s no net waiting for me!!! This excites me to no end as I continue to break down the barriers, ignore the haters, be brave. Just be super fucking brave. I want to high five myself in the most genuine way guys.

Question, have you ever hired a coach and if so, what was was your investment? Was it worthy of your time? Tell me all about how you’ve invested in yourself lately! Let me know in the comments.

As always, sending love and light. Welcome to my blog. This is the beginning of something epic. I can fucking feel it in my bones.

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